About Us

Marcin Kokowski


Marjan Denkov

Art Director

Rue Monsieur Paris is a French high-end furniture company looking for a new art of fine living in which elegance and simplicity of forms predominate.

Rare And Noble Techniques
Marble & wood marquetry, wood assembly with resin finish, high quality lacquer paint and more – we use a selection of rare and noble techniques to design our furniture pieces.

Hand-crafted Artistry
All Rue Monsieur Paris creations are hand-crafted by the best trained workshops with their carefully selected artisans which can satisfy the most demanding clients.

The art direction was entrusted to Marjan Denkov, Paris Fine Arts Academy graduate and accomplished artist for whom medium is not a constraint. Denkov, does not hesitate to use different visual languages and supports. They are result of a minimalist, geometric and organic approach. A notion of surprise is ever present in brand’s creations.

Rue Monsieur Paris pieces call for a second glance, perhaps from a different angle and distance. At the same time classical, chic and unique, Rue Monsieur Paris’ creations are timeless earning general acclaim from the press worldwide and even earning them a display window at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

The first collection ‘Turandot’ remains largely wooden, the second ‘Moonlight’ is characterised by fine marble marquetry, while the third collection ‘Rive Gauche’ with its very POP allure is dressed in ultra glossy lacquered paint.