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Wooden structure, coco & rattan inlay in black resin finish

‘Turandot’ Collection

This beautiful sculptural chair, part of the ‘Turandot’ collection, seems to be playing tricks with Mother Nature. Appearing to be shaped from a giant bark it mesmerizes with its graphic texture and the fluidity of its pure lines.  Monolith and hybrid, this chair is regarded as an art object by many, echoes mid 20th century British sculpture and Op Art. To further enhance the refined aspect of the piece, it was crafted using a highly-skilled wood lamination technique resulting in a unique finish and an extraordinary shape. It will bring a touch of outmost sophistication to contemporary interiors. It comes in two bright finishes and one dark finish and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making it wonderfully versatile.

Dimensions: 91.5 x 63.5 x 84cm